Why is PickPocket™ great for Furniture Sales?

Before purchasing home furnishings, most shoppers research and check out various stores. Our technology identifies those people, so you don't end up wasting your marketing dollars. With PickPocket™ you'll be engaging with people who you KNOW are looking and ready to buy.


Capture the device ID of people looking at your competition.


Deploy ads to their device with an offer that beats the competition.


Pull the customer in, drive engagement and generate loyalty.


PickPocket™ for Furniture Stores

The social media giants got caught sharing data and have had to remove all of their audience targeting. Now who is seeing your ads? We guarantee a lot of people who are not in the market for new furniture.

PickPocket™ can target your competitors' showrooms, and target people who are shopping for new furniture right now.

It's time to start putting your marketing dollars where it makes sense.

How To Start Your Campaign

Ready to start kicking your competitors' butts? Here's how to do it:

Everything you need to engage your perfect audience.